Sometimes I Dream I'm Flying

Synopsis & Infos

A stunning and gently journey of a talented young dancer and the bitter challenges she must face on her way to the greatest stages in the world.

Shot over the period of six years the film portrays Weronika, an outstanding graduate of the renowned Warsaw Ballet School. Since she was 10 years old, ballet has been her entire life, day in and day out, always striving for excellence. Weronika's private life, pain, loneliness, and exhaustion remain in the background, brushed aside, until her life is changed just two days before a performance that is vital to her career at the Berlin Opera.

SOMETIMES I DREAM I'M FLYING is a poetic film about the magic of dreams and hopes. Combining dream-like elements and an elaborated musical composition with documentary storytelling, the film takes an emotional approach to explore the relentlessness and loneliness in the life of an artist.

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